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A collection of photos/articles/quotations/etc. I find interesting, pretty, objectionable, or funny

Other things I like:
Traveling, keeping in touch, new books, old books, all types of cuisine, postcards, Britney Spears, playing Taboo & Bananagrams, carbohydrates, school supplies, Gmail, Christmas, brunch, pillows, texting, song lyrics, thunderstorms, these things

My tendencies:
Wearing my heart on my sleeve, jetting off for the weekend, obsessing, leading, planning, hoarding, reminiscing, fantasizing possible conversations

I'd like to know more about:
Inequality/oppression, press/media, ethnic American communities, economic development, responsible travel, higher education, design, forgiveness

Two all-time favorite quotations:
“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
— Andy Warhol
“It’s people that make us crazy, so it’s gotta be people who make us well.”
— Arnold Jensky, 56, Philly, Esquire’s What I’ve Learned, May 2008

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Smythson’s windows decorated in hand-painted wallpaper to display their lapis & peridot lines.  Gorgeous!

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