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A collection of photos/articles/quotations/etc. I find interesting, pretty, objectionable, or funny

Other things I like:
Traveling, keeping in touch, new books, old books, all types of cuisine, postcards, Britney Spears, playing Taboo & Bananagrams, carbohydrates, school supplies, Gmail, Christmas, brunch, pillows, texting, song lyrics, thunderstorms, these things

My tendencies:
Wearing my heart on my sleeve, jetting off for the weekend, obsessing, leading, planning, hoarding, reminiscing, fantasizing possible conversations

I'd like to know more about:
Inequality/oppression, press/media, ethnic American communities, economic development, responsible travel, higher education, design, forgiveness

Two all-time favorite quotations:
“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
— Andy Warhol
“It’s people that make us crazy, so it’s gotta be people who make us well.”
— Arnold Jensky, 56, Philly, Esquire’s What I’ve Learned, May 2008

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Happy 2011! I finally managed to update the Post Index last night. If you aren’t familiar, it’s an alphabetical list of every character post to date. So, have at it.

So much fun.  One of my favorite fashion blogs.

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